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Internasional Champions League 2019
FT Arsenal Bayern 2 - 1
20/7 Man Utd Inter 18:36 AM
21/7 Benfica Chivas 03:06 PM
21/7 Arsenal Fiorentina 05:06 PM
21/7 Bayern Madrid 07:06 PM
21/7 Juventus Tottenham 18:36 AM
24/7 Madrid Arsenal 06:06 PM
24/7 Bayern Milan 08:06 PM
24/7 Chivas Atletico 08:06 PM
24/7 Juventus Inter 18:36 AM
25/7 Fiorentina Benfica 07:06 PM
25/7 Tottenham Man Utd 18:36 AM
27/7 Madrid Atletico 07:06 PM
29/7 Milan Benfica 02:06 PM
3/8 Man Utd Milan 21:06 AM
4/8 Tottenham Inter 22:06 AM
18/8 Atletico Juventus 23:06 AM
FT Fiorentina Chivas 2 - 1
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